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Email Marketing is DEAD!

Anyone who has read or listened to the latest proclamation of the doom merchants over the last couple of years would believe that email is not only on the decline but is dead. However in the defence of email marketing this could not be further from the truth, even with the dynamic growth in social media, marketing and other ‘new’ technologies email marketing is not only alive but is thriving in the 21st century.

It could be argued instead of sounding the death knell and crying email marketing is dead, social media marketing in particular has done more good than ill for email marketing services against any other technological advancement since the turn of the century. Text messaging born out of the proliferation of smartphones has also been another positive change for good old email marketing which was once the preserve of desk top computers and lap tops and is now available to anyone anywhere. It is the true communion of social and local marketing channels having an increasing impact on each other.

This may well be true, however, it does demand that the customers of the email marketing segment have to learn how to adapt their marketing for the new environments that surround their everyday activity.

The secret of email marketing

The growth in integration between email marketing automation suppliers and social media platforms makes it easier to send emails between social groups spreading offers and content across any number of social networks thereby increasing the response rate. This has triggered a growth in analytics measuring by identifying the social markets that impact the most and even the individuals who are most likely to aid in the spread of the message together with their chosen tool of smart phone; tablet or computer. The mixture of the different management technologies mean that emails are digested at a faster rate than ever. The fact that regardless of where the sender and recipient is in the world, the message is delivered almost instantly giving many consumers and decision makers while reading their email on the go, whether connected or not, the information to make not only quicker but in many cases easier choices giving rise to the statement, “Email Marketing is alive and well!”.

Collectively this is called an, ‘at work need to know state of mind’. Where once, our work was left behind as we travel home or abroad, today, our work is as close as our pocket or handbag. Email Marketing means that more than ever before, our work lives are with us for more hours of the day, which can be a positive or negative depending upon the messages received..

The Email Marketing Message

Today, the email marketing message can be triggered by events in the spectrum of the technological market from restaurants and manufacturers to businesses reaching executives tying email marketing into the world of location-based and on-premise marketing. Regardless of the time of day this facility can transmit messages for recipients to download wherever they are. The message that is conveyed needs to contain critical content imparting only valuable information to the recipient. Often market research can show from consumer behaviour what to send and when, email marketing is far less intrusive than mobile phone calls or text messages but equally as effective.

List building has always been a major concern for marketers who have now found that by using opt-in forms on Company websites, Facebook pages or by promoting email newsletters, there is a solution to this age-old marketing dilemma avoiding many media marketing mistakes Emails have always been relatively poor as an acquisition medium with a natural reticence for the recipient to return their personal details and being dependent on the recipient being at their computer, however, by linking the message using the cross-channel connections of social media and fan pages these followers are allowed to connect with the brand through opt-in email.

The merging of email marketing and social networks

Today on the go opt-ins are available through mobile applications; QR codes and text to op-in campaigns. Consumers are able to take positive advantage of company marketing efforts form a growing number of locations, they can be at home, in the office or factory by using mobile handsets, magazines, billboards or even bus top advertising posters. With internet connected mobile devices, consumers are only a text or scan away from opting-in to email marketing communications, connecting with businesses across the world turning the advertising mediums of yesteryear into potentially long-term relationships of today.

The Online and Offline Worlds are Colliding. On-the-go opt-ins are now possible with mobile apps, QR codes and text-to-opt-in campaigns. Through effectively managed email marketing; a marketer can identify which message is receiving the greatest response in real-time, enabling them to change the message to maximise the results. Email marketing is thriving and is a vital cog in the marketing make-up of any business large or small.

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